Bruno De Tarso 

Albuquerque De Araujo

Industry Process Consultant Intern & Mechatronics Student


2017 - 2021

Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering

Bachelor's degree

FIAP University Center

2015 - 2016

Computer Programming, Network, Database, and Hardware

Technical's Degree



Throughout my college journey, I was able to gather knowledge in the field of robotics by actively participating in projects offered by FIAP University Center. Furthermore, the opportunity to modify and establish a Digital Twin and offer modifications that would improve Poppy - an OpenSource Robot - assembled by me and my colleges, has presented itself.


Assembly | Digital Twin

Ladder | PCB Design

 3D Modeling & Printing

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I have acquired knowledge in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning to perform Text Classification, Image Recognition, and Robot Navigation throughout my internship and annual project developments at FIAP University Center.

Machine Learning

Image & Text Recognition 

During my journey in Tech-Sales Team, I improved my technical skills by being part of customers and internal projects by configuring customized demo environments, supporting customers' technical and sales presentations, brainstorming and developing established solutions and activities with the team. I always had freedom to create and develop new internal or external solutions and had a great feedback on how to improve or modify them.


POC & Demo Preparation

Process Definition

Consulting | Project Mgt

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My programming skills were born at ETEC with VB, C#, and Java programming. There, I learned the core of Object-Oriented and Structured Languages and the logics of all resources of any language such as IFs, Loops, Functions, Etc. Arduino (C++) and Python are my preferred ones due to the experience in both academic and business projects developed through my internship and graduation years.


Python | C | C++ | C#

Java | JavaScript | VB

Understand a problem, debate, structure a scope, find possible solutions, experiment, develop, and finally deliver it as a team is extremely gratifying. I had many opportunities to solve problems and improve my soft skills in the past few years at FIAP, Dassault Systemes, and at my family business.

Soft & Social Skills

Critical Thinking | Teamwork

Positive Attitude | Work Ethic

Communication | Leadership

I'm a Mechatronics Engineer Student & an Industry Process Consultant Intern at Dassault Systèmes.

•Solutions and Products Creator and Enthusiast

•Passionate about: Innovation, Mixed Reality, Mechatronics, Exoskeletons, Automation, Programming, AI, and Technology 

•Experience in both Business and Academic Projects

•Kimberly-Clark Smart Sales Challenge - 1st Place Winner 

•N2020 Safety Autonomous Collector - 1st Place Winner 

About Me

My Internship

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3DS Projects

Renault Factory Assembly



3DEXP LATAM Diffusion
3DSwym | 3DDrive | 3DDashboard

Electronic Signature Widget
 JS | Vue | 3DX

Petrobras Pre Qualification
MQL | BIOVIA | ENOVIA Integration

The Female Poppy

Digital Twin | 3DEXP EDU | Python

MineSche-Ortems Integration

 MineSched | Ortems


FIAP Projects

Brain Controlled Exo-Glove 

1st Annual Project FIAP

Waste based Electricity Generator 

3rd Annual Project FIAP

 Quality & Sales Enhancer AI

2nd Annual Project FIAP

Autonomous Vehicle

4th Annual Project FIAP

Under Development

 Autonomous Collector



Autonomous Quadruped

Scientific Research

 Under Development



2011 - 2016


Fluent - TOEIC 800

2014 - 2016




High School

Ongoing Learning

2020 -


Basic | Learning

2020 -



Basic | Learning

ACEPUSP | Online

My Referrals

Marcelo Barbosa

LATAM Manufacturing, Planning and Optimization Industry Process Consultant Senior Manager at Dassault Systèmes

I had the opportunity to work with Bruno and this why I'd like to recommend him. He is a very smart professional very interested to learn and always available to share his knowledge. All the projects and challenges led by Bruno were delivered with high quality and on time. He is a professional that will add technical skills to the team, great teamwork, and high quality on deliverables. Do not hesitate to contact him in case you have open opportunities in your team.





+55 (11) 9-5142-5869

Taboão da Serra, São Paulo


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