LATAM Diffusion

Throughout my first internship year, Vinicius Pinto, my prior manager, motivated me to leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform usage in our daily activities in LATAM.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn about our internal platform capabilities and understand how all areas of the Company worked.


I created a 3DDashboard to assist Sales Executives to better communicate internally by using predefined Meeting Minutes in Notes App sharing files through 3DDrive, defining the next steps with Project Planning, and using Netvibes Feed Reader and tracked topic to be updated in their respective industry

I also helped Sales Managers and directors - such as Rodrigo Baptista - to keep track of the current sales, revenue, and opportunity status.

Example of Industry Dashboard - Overview Tab

Link to each industry Dashboard Tab


Me and Vinicius Pinto worked together to leverage the use of our communities. We created 3DSwym communities to share important news and updates in opportunities. 

I was responsible for updating and creating Meeting minutes of our weekly follow up and post it as Wiki adding accounts tags to better search results.

We also used the Vale Brumadinho - Case community to discuss a solution to avoid disasters involving tailing dams in Brasil. The solution developed and proposed was one of the 3DS Innovation Forwards competitors.

One Sales Team LATAM - All LATAM Employees


I created a single source of truth repository for our GEO, in which our team can add their current project documents, work on them, or add past projects for consultation. 

It has a folder for its Account inside its respective Industry folder and a directory for each brand where there are training and/or presentations documents. 

There is also a How-To folder containing videos and presentations to assist those with less experience in 3DDashbord, 3DSwym, and 3DDrive itself. 

We are still working to incentive all in LATAM to use it.