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The 4th year students of Mechatronics Engineering at FIAP were challenged to develop an autonomous vehicle. This competition has the partnership of Braskem.


We were challenged to develop the autonomous vehicle before the start of the pandemic. As we were locked at home, it seemed that this considerable challenge had become even more significant. FIAP gave us the option to deliver this project only in virtual reality, using simulation with Webots. But my team loves a challenge, and we decided to keep the real car development going with all of us working on project definition and programming remotely. One of our colleagues became responsible for assembly and practical tests.  


DeLorean Team has eight members that were internally divided into three main activities:

  • Digital Electronics & Mechanics

  • Sensor Programming & MPC​​

  • AI, Machine-Learning & Deep-Learning

Scrum was the project management model chosen. Therefore we are working on sprints ​that occur every two days, and it is working for our team. We are already in the final steps of the project that will be delivered in October.

The original division is now being restructured since our activities are now converging to the single final result. 

I am part of the  Sensor Programming & MPC team and responsible for the remote instructions sent to the vehicle, and due to my experience, I also designed all sensors supports in 3DX EDU using xDesign. 

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