Digital Signature

Provide to the E&M Industry a solution which provides legal evidence that procedural actions have been performed. (e.g., services, tasks, deliveries)

  • In a digitally connected world, this means Digital Signatures.


Cristiano Monteiro and I were challenged by our GEO to create a solution to a common E&M problem that our solution does not contemplate yet. Digital Signatures inside 3DEXPERIENCE.

We began the development when André Orlandi, Luciano Lorenzo, and their team noticed that Petrobras, our main LATAM Oil&Gas Company, required it in future projects. 


First, we defined the scope with the team; then, we had the support from the Widget Factory team (Soukaina and Chokri) to take the first steps on this application. 
We used an on-premise 2020x-FD02 VM, Vue.js, to develop the UI and Node.js to the backend server. 

It took 5 Weeks to define the scope, learn about the technologies, configure the VM, develop the code, and Integrate it inside 3DEXPEREINCE. 

Widget V1


Download Internal Presentation: