Minesched and Ortems Integration to Pucobre with G2A assistance.


Pucobre, a copper mining company, requested a solution to improve their short-term scheduling simulations and develop an automated and optimized program to guide execution allocation and respond optimally to the results of predicted or actual events as they occur.


We began this project to Pucobre by understanding the De Beers Case made my the Franch team. The France scenario was different in many ways, so we made it our baseline and began to understand both MineSched and Ortems data structure. We joined forces with our mining experts team in Chile and G2A, our Ortems expert partner, and started to work on adapting the De Beers Case. ​


I had the opportunity to understand how mining companies worked, and we reached a solution together. I was responsible for understanding the De Beers case and data structure of both software; furthermore, I assisted both G2A and Chile Team to brainstorm and define the final solution.

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