Pre Qualification


Petrobras sent us a Request For Information document and demanded a demonstration of all requirements. 

The requirements were related to Petrobras' Collaborative Platform project, and the demonstration was divided into five days.

Luciano Lorenzo and André Orlandi were the project's technical leaders and did a great job filtrating, dividing, and brainstorming the requirements answers with the team. 


  • Portuguese Translation

Me and Cristiano Monteiro were responsible for demonstrating a 3DX translation to Portuguese in early august, but this translation is only scheduled for November, and we had nothing. Therefore we decided to translate it ourselves selfs the main Collaboration and Approvals page. 

It took two weeks to refine and finish it. 

  • Mass Attribute Update

We were working in 2 different environments to respond to a requirement—one to Import a project from Primavera and another to generate an S-Curve using Exalead. The project on the Exalead environment was not compatible with the original one in dates, attributes, and members assigned to tasks and attributes. 

With the help of Chuck and my team, I learned how to mass create and update attributes, users, and assign members to specific tasks using MQL and Spinners.

  • Occurrences Report

On our first presentation of this specific requirement, we approached it differently from what Petrobras was expecting, and we had defined an Occurrence Report application with P&O capabilities in our solutions and demonstrate it in 2 days.

We did not found this application in our portfolio, so we decided to found a way to develop or customize one.

We defined the flow of the application required, and I suggested the use of a third-party app inside the Web Page Reader widget, and I developed it.

The day before the presentation, I thought that we could use Biovia Notebook to meet these requirements. Thus João Vicente found Kanishka, the ELN expert. In the presentation day, we had a dry run to validate the solution, and we kept my developed application as a backup. 

Petrobras did not accept presentations in English. Therefore I had the honor to guide Kanishka and present this solution to them, and all requirements were met. 

  • Presentation Letter

I worked with João Vicente and Marcos Cunha in a 3DS Presentation Letter in Portuguese. This document is a standard one; for this reason, I defined a template and provided it to further similar cases.


Sales Expert

Marcos Cunha

Technical Leader

Luciano Lorenzo, LATAM
Industry Process Consultant Senior Manager

Technical Team

Bruno Albuquerque, LATAM
Industry Process Consultant

Diego Vasconcelos, LATAM
Industry Process Consultant

Leandro Sekito, LATAM
Industry Business Consultant

Renato Marcandali, LATAM
Solution Architect

Co-Technical Leader

André Orlandi, LATAM
Industry Business Consultant

Cristiano Monteiro, LATAM
Solution Architect

João Vicente, LATAM
Industry Business Consultant Senior

Marcelo Franco

Industry Process Consultant

Rafael Gadbem, LATAM
Industry Process Consultant