"The 3rd year students of Mechatronics Engineering were challenged by Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and a world leader in biopolymers' production, to develop ways to optimize production and improve the safety of company employees. Students participated in mentoring, workshops, and visitations to help develop the challenge during the year." - FIAP University Center


Wasteless objective was to optimize production and resources, leading to a more sustainable environment. Focusing on reducing Naphtha waste and enabling an energy independence site at Braskem PE8 in Cubatão, São Paulo, we projected an electricity generator that used the gravitational potential energy of Naphtha.


I was responsible for 3D Modeling the pipeline in which Naphtha would pass a rotate the Pelton turbine. I used CATIA in 3DEXPERIENCE EDU and then printed it in 3D.

We then build a functional electricity generator using an Arduino's mini hydroelectric generator.

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